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Roadmap to Surviving Obamacare

What is happening and what you should do NOW to survive Obamacare.....

Have you come to the realization that insane deductibles are making the high cost of Obamacare health insurance unaffordable?  Consider this:  Health care plans offered under Obamacare through h...

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Can Obama Limit the Duration of Short Term Medical Plans?

mckee2On July 1 the Obama administration announced a proposal to limit the duration of Short Term Medical Plans (STM Plans) to a maximum duration of 90 days.  The proposed limit is open for public discussion for the next 60 days before they issue their ruling and Executive Order.

The O...

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Obamacare 2017: Health Insurance Costs are Ballooning - Texans' Premiums Will Soar By Over 55%

2017 Obamacare cost increases will outpace 2016's

Ever since Obamacare's full implementation, May is when health insurance companies submit their premium rate requests to each state’s Office of the Insurance Commissioner (OIC). To date, more than a dozen states have made their ra...

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Here’s Why Sales of Obamacare Alternative Health Insurance Policies are Surging

Sales of Obamacare Alternative Health Insurance Policies with features largely banned by the Affordable Care Act are flourishing.  Why? Because healthy consumers are choosing an alternative that is cheaper and better fits their needs.

According to the Wall Street Journal Sales of...

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