Here are examples of why you don’t want an HMO

Imagine having to wait for a referral if you needed lifesaving treatment.  That's the problem with HMO's.  To quote a Survivor of two primary breast cancers: "The disadvantage of an HMO is that the patients give up control of their own health care to medical groups that vary in quality and abilities and whose primary concern is their profit rather than the patient’s health.  Many HMOs do a satisfactory job within their organization on routine medical care. If the patient could get better care with a specialist outside of that HMO, the HMO may or may not refer the patient to a place where the patient can get better care."

Or the experience of another ex-HMO member: "HMO’s are a nightmare! If you need to see a specialist you always need to see the primary docbros first to get a referral.  The primary doctors want to make money off of you so (in my experience) make you go for excessive unnecessary tests before they will write the referral for you. Also, that is 2 doctors' appointments, 2 copays and twice as much time wasted. Go with a PPO, so much less aggravation and you don’t even need a primary doctor!!"

Even doctors warn patients about HMO's.  A physician with 40+ years general practice published this: "For years the HMO was less money per month. Not always that way now. People love to think they got something free. They don’t do their homework and don’t realize that they are surrendering freedom of choice for their care by taking the HMO. The monetary cost may be less but that is the price one pays."

The last example: In my network of friends we are all hoping and praying for a friend: 

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