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Obamacare made healthcare available to the poor and low income…but for the rest of us it’s more expensive and restricts our choices.

President Obama billed the Affordable Care Act as a necessary measure to ensure every citizen had access to healthcare. Six years later, millions of Americans remain without health insurance.

"Although more people have health insurance, they continue to face very high out of pock...

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Obamacare Narrows Provider Networks and Drug Formularies

Rules and regulations Obamacare imposes on insurance plans sold in the individual market make means narrower networks and drug formularies. The participating insurance companies are curtailing these coverage aspects to keep premiums narrow 2

Narrow Provider Networks. An analysis by...

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According to The Department of Health and Human Services, returning customers to can save if they switch to the lowest-cost plan within their coverage level.  But experts say the monthly premium is misleading. They say quality and coverage of health plans makes exc...

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Obamacare is actually not so affordable -- unless you're broke

It's time for the Affordable Care Act to join a long list of oxymorons.

The Street
Simon Constable

Why? Because rather like "military intelligence," "cat proof," "government organization," and "simple calculus," the law better known as Obamacare turns out to be an inherent contra...

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