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August 2014

First-Time Homebuyer? This is Why You Need to Consider Life Insurance

By | Life Insurance

Why You Need It

Buying a home costs more than ever these days, and to buy that home, many Americans are taking on more debt.

This situation could be even more catastrophic if one of the wage-earners in a household suffers a major dismemberment or the unimaginable happens. With this scenario in mind, one might want to consider making sure they have sufficient life insurance coverage so that mortgage payments can continue to be made in the event of a tragedy.

You never know what might happen, so it’s best to prepare for it. You now have your new home that your family will cherish and create beautiful memories in. Don’t risk that home being taken away in case of the unimaginable. Help support your family even when you’re not here.

Young familyLock in Low Rates Early

According to a recent report, the average household has nearly $54,000 in debt and around 70 percent of that debt is the mortgage. This can be an overwhelming amount of debt for  couples or families just starting out with their first home.

Families buying their first home often do have one advantage when it comes to looking at life insurance: They are often young and healthy. This means that life insurance premiums are significantly lower and it’s a good time to lock in a long-term low rate. Also, personal health can often take an unexpected turn for the worse. Hesitating to lock in a low rate while you’re in good health is a decision that could come back to haunt you.

Insurance Options

Some people might simply rely on the life insurance offered by their employer. However, both the modern economy and job market are constantly in a state of flux – putting true job security into question.  Also, with funeral expenses – an employer life insurance policy may not offer enough coverage to continue making mortgage payments.

There are many options when it comes to life insurance including the type of life insurance. You can choose either no-exam life insurance or full-exam traditional life insurance. You can have life insurance that covers you in case of an illness or accident, or have it just cover you in case of an accident.

Consult with Health-Dental-Life-Insurance for Your Best Insurance Option LogoMost financial planners suggest carrying some type of life insurance policy and first-time home buyers are at an ideal stage in their life to both lock in low, long-term rates and prevent their loved ones from facing a situation where they can’t afford to pay for the house they’re living in. Health-Dental-Life-Insurance has advisers available to those who want to look into this type of coverage. You can also reach us directly at 1-800-257-1723.


With it Being Back to School, Are Your Kids Covered for Accidents?

By | Supplemental Coverage

With after-school sports part of any typical education, students and their parents should be considering if they are properly insured in the event that, god forbid, an accident happens.Injured foot in moon boot

In order to lower costs, many school athletics programs are slashing their insurance coverage – potentially putting parents on the hook for covering a portion of their child’s medical bills in the event of an accident. The typical district only covers between 60 and 70 percent of relevant medical bills.

Accident and the Aftermath

As the gruesome training accident suffered by NBA star Paul George recently reminded us – accidents don’t have to happen in the heat of competition. They often take place when we least expect them.

Also, these violent incidents are not the only kind of injuries resulting from athletics. With practices and drills forcing kids to go through countless repetitive motions, our child athletes are also susceptible to injuries caused by overuse and exacerbated by incorrect form. For example, a youth baseball player might throw a ball hundreds of times during a practice and this repetitive motion could do significant damage to an arm that’s still maturing.

While a parent’s coverage might cover medical costs directly associated with the accident, the child may also need physical therapy or other follow up care. In addition, with today’s high deductibles, most insurance policies will leave the insured with the full bill. Some schools have athletic trainers or other personnel to handle therapy, but many schools don’t.

A typical physical therapist can charge over $100 per hour and collect a $30 co-pay for a visitation. Therapy may require two or three visits per week at first – meaning costs can add up quickly. These costs can be highly detrimental to a family covered by a plan with a high deductible.

Getting the Best Coverage

The accident insurance plans offered through go a long way in covering out-of-pocket expenses regarding accidents that might happen on the field. The plans are designed to provide extra financial security for parents who can not afford to shell out thousands of dollars for care or physical therapy.

The accident plans allow policyholders to visit any hospital or immediate care facility. It also doesn’t place limits on how many accidents a policyholder can receive benefits for – added relief of parents of an accident-prone child.

When selecting a plan, parents should consider their current plan’s deductible or how much they might need to cover expenses. Acceptance into a plan is always guaranteed.