Video: Texas Obamacare Alternative

Looking for an Obamacare alternative? The Life Protection Pyramid provides coverage you can count on for a price you can afford – without Obamacare penalties.


Lower your cost - Have health insurance that is much less expensive and still comprehensive. Families save $400-$700 a month!
Choose your doctor - These are PPO plans. You have the ability to choose from almost any doctor in the phone book.
No penalties - Legally opt out of Obamacare. Let us show you how! BBBBusiness Review

Thomas R, Texas

Thomas’ wife was diagnosed with cancer and the treatment was extremely expensive.  The plan we put Thomas’ family on paid out immediately.  They also had a critical illness policy and received that money fast too.

Kathy H, Texas

We set up Kathy with a plan that helped her saved her from being $10000 out of pocket.  Kathy didn’t even remember that she had coverage, we contacted her after she had an accident and took care of everything else.

Rene G. Jr., Texas

We helped Rene find treatment and specialists for his Glaucoma and eye surgery.  Even when his Doctors office wasn’t able to tell him if his insurance would cover it, we made sure that Rene was able to pay for an Ophthalmologist for ongoing checkups, Neurologist, Dermatologist and his Pediatrician.

"Mark helped me get my kids covered fast. He made sure they had dental and accident too... Good thing because we have already had an ER visit."

− Silvio F. Driftwood

"Mark contacted me when I had my car accident. I didn't remember he had set me up with an accident rider to pay my deductibles...very happy."

− Ben Wheeler, Texas

"I trust Mark to take care of our family, he has always been available to us over the years."

− Carol S. Helotes, Texas


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  • Understand how accidents and hospital bills fit into your plan
  • How every day needs and expenses can be paid for
  • What happens when something unexpected and tragic happens?

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