Heart Disease is Roaring Back, Do You Have The Coverage to Medically and Financially Survive?

An unsettling trend reversal of middle-aged Americans dying of heart and cardiovascular disease has just been established, raising concerns from medical professionals. More shockingly is the rising rate of middle-age deaths, individuals in their 30s and 40s, caused by heart disease and strokes. The trend reversal is widespread across the US, affecting populations across the country.

Many middle-aged Americans believe that they’re too young to have a heart attack; but statistically speaking, the risk of heart attacks has begun to creep into younger ages. Medical professionals urge people to get a heart screening sooner than later. According to Dr. Rosenbaum of Colorado Springs, many middle-aged patients tend to brush it off, “Sure, Grandpa had it, Mom and Dad had it, but I’m too young.’

The costs of suffering and receiving medical care for a stroke or cardiovascular event is tremendous. According to an article from the National Business Group on Health, the average direct and indirect cost of a severe heart attack is about $1 million; for a less severe heart attack, it’s about $760,000. The costs associated with a heart attack are not just medical; but includes time away from work, recovery costs, and the negative effect on productivity moving forward.

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