In today’s healthcare environment you need a trusted student of the industry as your agent – why our clients love us.

By December 6, 2018Health Insurance

Every time I talk to a client the first thing that pops into my mind is, “how do I make a meaningful contribution to this person’s current and future well-being?”  I learned that from my Dad – who was always working to help people secure their future through appropriate insurance products.

In today’s complicated health insurance environment “helping a client” means being a student of the industry….knowing the best products, steering people around those that are not a good value, and explaining what products are right for my clients and why – so that they can make good decisions.

Recently I was speaking to a client that knew my father – and that I met when I was a kid riding along with Dad.  The trust runs so deep between us that she calls just to share life stories.  During one of the calls, we started exploring the cost of her medications – which I’m delighted to report that I could guide her to sites where she could reduce her out-of-pocket costs – and her gratitude for her having survived a freak health emergency.

Chest painHere’s Her Story:

During the stressful holiday period, my client was working hard to ensure that all the guests were enjoying a fabulous family experience at her home – when the pressure overwhelmed her and she found her chest throbbing.  Her first thoughts were. “Get to the hospital, take a baby aspirin, and thank goodness I have the right insurance to cover this so I won’t have the added pressure of paying an insane deductible!”

WOW! Imagine knowing that there is something wrong and having one of your first thoughts be, “Can I afford to get this checked out!”  That’s what too many people in our healthcare world have to deal with – overwhelming deductibles that cause them to question if they should even dare to get medical treatment.

My client ended up being diagnosed with heart failure – and thanks to her rapid and cool-headed response to the pain she got herself to the hospital in enough time for the medical team to save her life.  According to here, her recovery has been made easier because she does not have to struggle with a deductible that could be financially insurmountable.

The Right Health Care Insurance Is Just The Start

Our clients have the right insurance and learn the best ways to purchase prescriptions, services, and resources because we are DEDICATED students of the healthcare delivery and insurance industries.  We work to understand our clients’ situation, assess their needs, and provide the best solutions given their life and health circumstance.  Insurance is only a part of the value I bring to my clients.

Knowing the industry, how to purchase pharmacy and medical services, and understanding all the resources available is a full-time job – and my clients get that information from our team so they don’t have to try to figure it all out on their own…freeing them up to spend their time living their life!

Why our clients love us:

Our services are free – but save them thousands of dollars.

We make it easy to understand your options. In the insurance industry, it’s not always easy to understand what you’re seeing when comparing health insurance options. We live and breathe this stuff every day, and we’re specially trained to help you understand how plans differ from one another and how your coverage will actually work in the real world.

We’re your advocates even after you enroll. We’re there for you even after you buy a new health insurance plan…plus we offer advice and guidance on where to buy health-related products, services, and pharmacy.

We care.  That’s why we are service and guidance superstars.

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