Living Benefits Life Insurance: You Know You Need It, Here’s Proof You Can’t Afford To Wait!

By January 19, 2018Life Insurance

We have this great client – Roman, who really loves his family.  In 2015 we had him approved for a preferred 30 year plan.  For whatever reason he didn’t enroll.  The monthly cost at that time wascan't afford to wait $154.44.  At the time we we shared something with Roman that we have learned from those who bought a living benefits policy – and when life tragedy struck – they were thankful to have it…Not too many people want to buy a living benefits plan but everyone wants a golden parachute!

Today, January 15, 2018, he asked that we revisit the plan – and it had gone up to $270.47 per month.  WOW what a difference a few years makes!  That price change amounts to a $41,770.80 increase in total cost over a 30 year period.  $41,770.80 – That’s what it cost Roman to wait 2.5 years to get covered (age 52 to age 54).

You need coverage for THIS reason: It will save your family from a financial nightmare if you get a serious illness. (Click here to read our one of the many true stories of our clients saving their family from financial ruin.)

Today I am happy and proud to report that our effort DOES make a difference in people’s lives.  Our Living Benefits plan has made it so that many of our clients protected their family while they recovered from serious illness – doesn’t your family deserve that peace of mind?

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Need more proof why Living Benefits are essential?  Read this article and you’ll see why you need a backup to your health plan.  Call us today – 800-257-1723 – let’s protect your family.