Short Term Health Insurance is an alternative to Obamacare.

Happy to have OptionsShort term medical plans - an alternative to Obamacare - are limited to 90 days under one certificate of insurance – but Companion Life offers insureds the opportunity to apply for up to four back-to-back certificates (1 year's coverage) at one time.  That means you do not have to qualify again for the three additional certificates – and you can cancel at any time.

How it work: If you decide to enroll in back-to-back coverage terms, a new certificate of additional coverage will follow each 90-day coverage period.  Each certificate will have an effective date that starts the day after your previous coverage expires.

Shortly before the expiration of your active coverage, you will be notified of a new coverage ID card in your online member portal which you can print and use for the following period.

The Advantage of Back-to-Back-Policies. While your deductible and any out-of-pocket responsibilities start over with each subsequent coverage certificate, any medical conditions that arise and that were covered by your initial Pivot Health plan will be covered under your subsequent new certificates, subject to plan limitations.  There are no medical questions to qualify or new waiting periods after your initial enrollment.

Changes are coming.  President Trump signed an executive order that aims to allow short-term health plans to be offered for up to one year.  Until the “Trump Fix” is effective in mid-2018, the auto-reapply, no new pre-existing conditions is the best option to keep your family protected for up to 12 continuous months.

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