Don't pay retail price at the Doctor's office for Lab Tests. Use a direct to consumer lab and save hundreds of dollars.

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LabTestsLab test fees work the same way for a group plan or Obamacare.  They are part of the deductible.  Said another way - Doctor copay is for the Doctor visit  ("Labor" in car repair talk) and Labs are considered "parts" – which always go toward the deductible.

Lab Tests can include items with VERY high mark-ups.  To protect your pocketbook always ask for a cash discount.  In many cases you can ask – and receive - substantial discounts on tests that your doctor already ordered just by asking before paying your bill!

Be Sure To Protect Your Pocketbook

In the future use a direct to consumer lab.   Any Lab Test Now has an instant quote available online.  All you do is take a picture of the doctors order and they price it for you:

Many labs can be purchased at 75% off using a direct to consumer lab like Healthcheckusa 

Lab Discounts

How do I take the test? A blood sample will be taken by a qualified technician and analyzed by an accredited medical laboratory. You can view test results on the HealthCheckUSA website within four (4) business days after testing.