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Living Benefits Rock – let me tell you why you should get an extra $300,000 coverage for only $13.32!

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Here’s a way to increase the value and protection that you get from your Living Benefits Life Insurance…Have your cake and eat it too!

have your cake and eat it too

This year several clients have had to use their living benefit plans. The common theme among them is this: “I am very thankful – it was great to get the money – but now I wish I had purchased a larger policy so that I had still had life insurance!

Based on these clients’ experiences we’ve come up with a concept called “have your cake and eat it too……”

Here’s an example of how it works. Let’s say that you currently have a $750,000 policy that’s good for 19 more years. The preferred plus monthly rate is $245.23 with AIG.

With this policy, if you die the beneficiary gets $750,000. If you have an illness that triggers an accelerated benefit (and for this example let assume a 50% acceleration that pays $375,000) you are cashed out – with no more benefit left on the policy.

But what if…

You reduce the benefit term by 4 years and changed the policy to $750,000 for 15 years. Here’s what you could get:

  • If you pay an additional $13.32 per month you could get $300,000 more coverage for 10 years. Wow!
  • If you pass your beneficiaries would receive $1,050,000.  That’s an extra $300,000.
  • If you have an illness that triggers an accelerated benefit (assuming 50% typical benefit) you receive $525,000.


  • Cash out the $300,000 increase in coverage (assuming 50% typical benefit) and get $150,000 benefit and STILL have the whole $750,000 in reserve.

An even better option: You could match the second policy to 15 years for only $33.12 more per month – making it an even better option!

Have your cake and eat it too. Act now before your exam expires or you have another birthday.

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Are your life savings at risk?

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Don’t let rising Critical – Chronic Illness costs put your life savings at risk.

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More than half of Americans over 65 will need Critical – Chronic Illness care at some point in their lives. Costs for this care are already high and are expected to continue rising. Neither health insurance nor Medicare typically cover all the costs of Critical – Chronic Illness. Where does that leave you?

Let us show you how we can turn your life insurance – even a term policy with no cash value – into an asset that you can spend when you suffer a Critical or Chronic Illness.

From Mark Deschenes: “I just had ANOTHER policy payout.  (Here’s the payout letter!)

image (1)

image (2)

It was a $200,000 policy sold 10-22-2015.  The guy paid $225 a month for 3 years and 3 months – and now is cashing it out for $93,445.21 due to cancer.  He paid $8,775 premium and got $93k – they are very thankful.  Everyone says that they just wished they had a bigger policy.

Find out how simple and affordable Critical – Chronic Illness insurance can be.


Why you need a Will and Life Insurance that provides a lump sum of cash for Critical & Chronic Illness

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Death and serious illness are two life events that tear families apart…and can leave scars that last for generations.Do you have a will?

We’re going to show you an affordable, trusted way that you can minimize the family devastation that these two inevitable events can cause.

Don’t make the mistake of not making these critical family protection choices: a will and Life Insurance that provides lump sum cash for Critical & Chronic Illness.

First, let’s talk about 12 consequences of dying without a Will (then we’ll talk about becoming critically ill without a Living Will).

Many people put off writing a will because they believe it will be costly or difficult, that it’s unnecessary because their possessions will automatically pass to their spouse or children, or simply to avoid thinking about their own death. Yet writing a Will is critically important for all adults regardless of wealth, marital status, or age (and in many cases the writing of a will is FREE!). Here’s why:

  1. Without a will, someone must be appointed to act as an administrator of your estate (an “executor”). This means added, unnecessary delay, expense, frustration, and even loss.
  2. There’s no opportunity to select guardians. Every parent knows how important it is to make sure that your children are in the hands of someone you trust.
  3. There is no opportunity to provide for burial preferences. It’s a tough topic to discuss so outlining your preferences in your will may be the perfect solution.
  4. Your children may not receive the amount you wanted, when you want them to receive the funds.
  5. The Probate Court is involved in the administration of your children’s share if they are minors. This means the government will decide your child’s financial future. The government will also take a portion of your estate, as their fee.
  6. Certain assets that you may have wanted to be kept for your family’s security or for investment purposes may have to be sold. (Make sure the estate is properly funded with Life Insurance that also provides for your care if you become critically ill – otherwise you may drain your estate, leaving your loved ones with nothing.)
  7. In the event of a common disaster (where your whole immediate family passes away), your estate may go to a relative that you may have never spoken to, or don’t even like.
  8. Common law relationships or same sex relationships may not be recognized by the state. This means that your significant other may not receive anything from your estate upon your death.
  9. You are unable to take advantage of tax savings and save money on lawyers and court costs following your death. We’re amazed the clients can set up a Will for free – by going here – as opposed to how much legal fees can cost when there are problems with an estate.
  10. Do you want your estate to go to your grandchildren if their parents predecease you? Only a will can properly indicate what is to happen in the event a family member dies.
  11. When there is something of significant value like a business, it is so important to plan ahead to avoid potential conflicts.
  12. Ultimately, without a will, you are unable to exclude or include beneficiaries. You must depend on the law and the government to decide the economic fate of your family and loved ones.

Now let’s talk about a living will. This a directive to physicians and other healthcare providers specifying your wishes with regard to specific treatments or procedures to be used in the event of your incapacity. A living will becomes effective only when you are unable to express your wishes.

The purpose of a living will is to make your intentions known, so that your family and your doctors will be able to lawfully act in accordance with your wishes. Once completed, discuss your wishes as reflected in your living will with family members, and be sure they have a signed copy. A living will, or advance directive, is not a part of your Will, and must be completed separately.

The last item is having a Life Insurance policy that includes a lump sum payment in the event of critical or chronic illness.  

In a previous blog we shared a true story of one of our clients – and how Living Benefits Life Insurance protected his family from the financial devastation of a critical illness.

Living benefits term life insurance policies can be purchased with one or more riders, which will pay you money while you’re still alive if:

  • You’re terminally ill. You can receive a portion of your death benefit in advance, for help with medical expenses, one final around-the-world fling, or whatever.
  • You’re chronically ill. Frequently you’re considered chronically ill if you can’t perform several of the six activities of daily living, such as getting out of bed, feeding yourself, bathing, and so forth. You can receive a portion of your death benefit in advance, in situations like this.
  • You’re critically ill. That could mean you’ve been diagnosed with a heart attack, stroke, cancer, end stage renal failure, major organ transplant, or some other pretty grim illness. Again, you can get some or all of your death benefit early – in time to be of some use to you.

To sum up:

Writing a Will doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive. This site provides a free and simple way to compose your own legal Will online in a few easy steps.

While you’re creating your will, let us help you fund your estate with Life Insurance as well as provide you a lump sum of cash for Critical & Chronic Illness through the benefits of a Living Benefit plan.  Contact us today! 1-800-257-1723


Baby Boomer Rescue

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A study showed that boomers turning 65 in 2011 are expected to retiredlive until they are 85.2 years old.

If you were born between 1946-1964 you are a baby boomer.

You are probably living pretty well, but in the back of your mind, you know you have not saved enough for your retirement…and specifically you have not saved enough to take care of the biggest expense: high medical bills-

Now I’m NOT talking about medical bills like doctor or hospital bills – those will be taken care of by Medicare & your supplement.

I’m talking about the medical bills you will have for your home care and eventually nursing home care that are NOT covered by Medicare. These are costs you will incur once you’re no longer able to take care of yourself. Either from becoming mentally disabled, physically disabled, or suffering from a critical illness.

In these cases, family members will mean well and help with things like cooking and cleaning or taking you to a doctor’s visit. But when it comes to being able to take time off work, moving you into their home, or providing around the clock care that’s something else. Our children have their own lives and simply cannot afford that level of commitment.

Have you thought about how YOU want to live? How you will provide for yourself if YOU can’t take care of yourself?

Well some of you may consider 10 Countries where that social security check will let you retire: Cambodia, Malaysia, Nicaragua, Indonesia, Columbia, Thailand, Costa Rica, Mexico, or Panama.

But for the rest of us who don’t want to retire in a foreign country (away from our family!) we better have a plan to help stretch what savings…and make sure we don’t become a burden to our children and grandchildren.

In the 90’s planners offered Long Term Care Policies. They were great until they stopped being sold due to the unlimited benefits most of them offered.

This has left a coverage gap that, until recently, went unfilled. Now I’m happy to present what I believe to be the “poor man’s retirement plan”, The Living Benefit Life Insurance Policy.

A Living Benefit plan is like Neapolitan ice cream – remember that? You got 3 flavors Chocolate, Vanilla, and Strawberry all in one scoop. A Living Benefit plan is just like that, you get a Term Life Policy that provides a death benefit, Critical Illness coverage that provides a lump sum of cash if you suffer from any of 15 major illnesses that affect your life expectancy, and a Chronic Illness benefit that is triggered just like a long term care plan was.  The Chronic Illness plan covers cognitive loss or inability to preform 2 of 6 activities of daily living (eating, bathing, dressing, toileting, transferring-walking and continence).

In these cases your Living Benefits plan comes to the rescue – providing a large lump sum of cash exactly when you need it most.

More importantly the benefits are based upon a guaranteed level premium for a pre-determined number of years, this means you can transfer some of this risk for an affordable predetermined cost.

I highly recommend the purchase for anyone who can qualify. Trade in your old style life insurance that pays only upon death – to the new style of coverage that provides cash for YOUR life.

Failure to do so may hasten the depletion of your retirement nest egg – or worse, put you in poverty at the mercy of the welfare system. Take it from me – both of my parents had dementia and ended up bouncing around welfare nursing homes. This experience has branded me for life and made me determined to help as many people as I can.

Now’s the Time to Get the Help You Need.

Provide me a little information and let’s start a conversation about your needs, your budget, and what you qualify for – this way I can prepare a plan to enhance YOU and YOUR family’s future security…and help you retire with confidence and style.

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