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April 2016

Obamacare Disaster will be Obama’s Enduring Domestic Legacy – Washington Post

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On April 25, 2016 The Washington Post published an Opinion written by Mark Thiessen that summarizes the repeal obamacareObamacare disaster as Obama’s Enduring Domestic Legacy.  Ronald Reagan told the American people: “The nine most terrifying words in the English language are ‘I’m from the government, and I’m here to help.’ ” Obama wanted to convince Americans that they were not terrifying. And the way he was going to do it was through the only great liberal legislative achievement of his presidency: Obamacare.  To read the complete article, click here.

Obamacare, quite simply, is a bad program.  In 2010, the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) estimated Obamacare exchanges would enroll 21 million people in 2016. Current CBO estimates show Obamacare’s exchanges will enroll only 13 million people this year, or 8 million fewer than predicted. Estimated actual versus predicted performance clearly demonstrates that Americans are definitely not enthralled with Obamacare. Further, 12 out of the 23 Obamacare co-ops have dropped out of the marketplace – resulting in lost insurance coverage and huge American debt. Recently, UnitedHealthcare announced they would be leaving the exchanges in most states – more co-ops and insurance companies are suspected to follow suit. A great number of people shocked by the Obamacare sticker price are simply not buying. Let’s repeal the Obamacare disaster and replace it with something fiscally responsible for both our government and people needing such insurance.

UnitedHealthcare Is Exiting the Texas Obamacare Exchange – Should You Be Looking For An Obamacare Alternative?

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The ACA Exchange is not the right choice for healthy Texans.   But there an Obamacare Alternative.

Texas is one of several states where UnitedHealthcare will stop offering plans on Obamacare Is Not Working610x400

UnitedHealthcare, which had about 795,000 ACA customers as of March 31, warned in November that it was posting losses on ACA policies. In December 2015, the company said it should have stayed out of the individual exchange market longer.  Today they made it official – they are exiting most of the ACA exchanges.

Dropping out of the exchanges does not impact other UnitedHealthcare plans in Texas.  Plans offered by are not affected by this decision.

The decision by UnitedHealthcare drives home the reality that health insurance in ACA exchanges has turned out to be much more costly than expected…for the insurance company and ultimately for the insured.  Here’s why:  (1) Sicker people are choosing to buy coverage on the ACA exchange – which includes people buying plans who deferred treatment for their medical needs until they got covered and (2) People are buying ACA Exchange insurance, using lots of care, and then dropping their coverage mid-year.

The consequence for healthy individuals and families purchasing insurance on the exchanges:  high health insurance costs. That’s why invented the Real Life Protection Pyramid (see video below), an Obamacare Alternative.

With the Real Life Protection Pyramid a healthy individual or family saves on premium expense.  At the same time you set yourself up to financially offset many of the increased costs that you will experience if you have to transition to the ACA exchange plans due to a major illness.  Call us now and let us show you how to better protect your family’s financial future.  1-800-257-1723

Video: Healthy Family Life Protection Pyramid

Obamacare alternative for the healthy family

Here’s Why Sales of Obamacare Alternative Health Insurance Policies are Surging

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Sales of Obamacare Alternative Health Insurance Policies with features largely banned by the Affordable Care Act are flourishing.  Why? Because healthy consumers are choosing an alternative that is cheaper and better fits their needs.

According to the Wall Street Journal Sales of Obamacare alternative health insurance policies are up sharply since the health law’s major provisions took effect in 2014.

The article and accompanying comments are further proof that healthy Americans who do not receive a subsidy under the Affordable Care Act are frustrated by the absorbent cost of the “affordable insurance”.  What the article fails to point out is that it’s not just the monthly premiums that causes the cost frustration.

The real frustration is that these premiums typically leave the policy holder with a large deductible. This deductible must be met before any insurance benefits are paid.  The gap between deductible and receipt of insurance benefits makes the Affordable Care Act a tax on health care.  Here’s why:

  • Insureds must pay their insurance premium monthly and reserve funds to pay their deductible in the event that they need medical services.
  • Most healthy individuals will not meet their deductible.
  • Since the insured is not receiving any benefit from their health insurance premium the payment of the premium should be considered a tax – not a benefit.

So how does a healthy individual get the insurance they deserve and avoid the ACA health care tax?

Here’s how (click to watch the video):

Video: Family Protection Grid UPDATED 02.22.2016

If you are a healthy families, our 6 part Health Insurance Protection saves you 50% over Obamacare – with no tax penalties. Watch the video to lean more.